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Drug discovery is a challenging, time-consuming, and cost-intensive process in the large-scale endeavor of developing a new drug. The earlier potential drug canditates can be identified and the earlier unsuitable hits can be eliminated from the pipeline, the less costs arise at the later, expensive pre-clinical and clinical phases of the drug development process.

We have thus developed a portfolio of tailor-made biophysics services that support the key stages of Drug Discovery: Hit Identification, Hit Validation, and Hit Characterization. These services give you the opportunity to rely on our biophysical expertise and benefit from short screening and fast turnaround times as well as from a clear and competitive cost-structure.

If you want to know more about specific applications, please check out our application notes. You can also use the contact form below to ask us anything about our drug discovery services. We will get back to you shortly with a solution made specifically for your request!

Hit Identification

A broad range of specifically tweaked high-throughput analysis methods based on MST and nanoDSF allow us to analyze thousands of small molecular compounds in a reasonable time and still tell you their exact binding affinity or other important biophysical parameters (e.g. compound-dependent aggregation of the screening target, influence on target stability).


Hit validation

A number of biophysical paramters is of great intereset in the Hit Validation phase of a drug discovery projects. These include precise steady-state binding affinity to the screening target (KD), as well as the kinetic (kon, koff) and thermodynamic (ΔG, ΔH, ΔS) parameters of hit-target interactions. We cover all these questions with our portfolio of MST, nanoDSF, BLI, and ITC methods.


Hit Characterization

In hit-to-lead stages, a lower number of drug candidates are typically analyzes with respect to more advanced binding parameters, like stoichiometry, possible competition effects, or their mode-of-action. Moreover, off-target effects have to be carefully investigated, for example by analyzing hit-target interactions in various biological liquids like serum, celly lysate, blood plasma, urine, or the like. Benefit from our higly-variable timelines and project setups to choose the right assay at the right time of the hit-to-lead phase, just as you like.

Drug Discovery, Hit Identification, Hit Validation, Hit Characterization
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