We are 2bind

Servus, Hallo and Hello! We at 2bind strive to support our clients and collaborators to reach their scientific goals while keeping timelines short and giving them full economic flexibility. Since 2011 we have successfully completed over 700 contract research projects with over 150 different customers from biotech, pharma, and academia.

Mission Statement

2bind is the expert contract research organization (CRO) for biophysical analytics. We bring together passionate scientists from different life-science backgrounds to catalyze our clients’ research and development projects.

2bind is a one-stop-shop for everyone working or interested in protein- and RNA-based drug discovery, antibody development, protein analytics, aptamer development, or characterization of molecular interactions.

2bind offers the perfect service package for all project types and scientific questions. From the ultra-comprehensive analysis of a single molecular interaction with five different technologies to the high-throughput screening of thousands of molecular compounds and fragments. From competition assays to binding analyses in complex biological liquids such as serum, plasma, or cell lysate.

With essential and cutting-edge biophysical methods like MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST), nano-scale Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (nanoDSF), Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), WAVE-guided SPR (Creoptix WAVE), Biolayer Interferometry (BLI), Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC), and the switchSENSE technology, 2bind can answer practically every question for binding affinity, kinetics, thermodynamics, stoichiometry as well as molecular parameters such as protein stability, unfolding, buffer optimum, radius, polydispersity index and many more.


2: Just as two molecules come together and interact, we at 2bind are highly interactive with our clients and customers and make sure that they are always up to date with respect to their research projects.

Bold: We dare say that we can develop a functioning and performing assay in over 95% of projects. But we will also tell you when an assay does not work and a different path hast to be followed.

Innovative: We are always on the hunt for novel assay formats and methods as well as biophysical technologies that open up new ways to answering our clients’ questions.

No-fuss: We adapt to your specific needs. Work with us directly via quote/PO or use an online sourcing platform. Get your data via email, through our secure cloud storage or directly uploaded into your company storage system. Choose a raw-data only format, a quick and minimal report, or a comprehensive project progress system.

Direct: Communication is key. At 2bind we strictly follow the one-face-to-the-customer policy. Our clients enjoy a personal project manager that is responsible from scientific project setup over in-progress report to final project summary and after-project consultation.

Code of Conduct

These are our convictions and values that inspire how we act at 2bind in our daily work, internally and externally.

Be proactive. Identify obstacles and hurdles in advance and find ingenious was to overcome them.

Be profound in the science and thorough in your experiments.

Be quick. Meet the fast pace of scientific development and the continuous change in the market with rapid perception and agility.

Be transparent. Communicate errors and inconclusive data. Always work for the project and the project only.

Be curious. Don’t stop at the first answer but dig deeper and get to the bottom of things.

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