Integrated Drug Discovery

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Efficient, state-of-the art drug discovery requires the delivery of novel therapeutic agents and molecular entities faster, more cost-efficient, and with a lower clinical attration rate than a decade ago. In order to assist our clients and collaborators to meet this challenge, 2bind has joined the innovative DRIVE™  program:
An integrated drug discovery and development platform.

DRIVE™: A platform for integrated drug discovery

2bind joines DRIVE™ as an expert partner for the Hit finding and validation phase. The full DRIVE™ program gives access to a comprehensive continuum of technological platforms together with strategic partners’ complementary expertise. Thus, DRIVE™ is a smart and agile solution to help clients streamline their drug discovery and development programs and to make best use of their resources and achieve optimum results. DRIVE™ offers a complete drug discovery and development solution through the whole value chain from hit finding to IND filing, aiming to accelerate the entry of the client new chemical entities into clinic within a 3 to 4 years timeframe to deliver an IND.

The objective of DRIVE™ is to provide its customers with the best possible options and state-of-the-art technologies to progress their drug discovery in the shortest possible time with the highest quality.

The DRIVE™ program represents a cost-effective opportunity to access specialized technologies and expert scientist resources with a broad knowledge of pharmaceutical drug discovery. The program is managed by Oncodesign, one of the leading experts for Pharmacology, Phramco-Imaging, DMPK, Bioanalysis, Biobanking, Translational Biomarkers, and Biosafety.

Oncodesign is managing the program under a single leadership, privileged partnering with selected and trusted companies sharing the same values of innovation and quality. DRIVE™ provides DNA encoded libraries, fragment and compound libraries, fragment and compound screening and validation using NanoDSF, MST, SPR, ITC, and Structural Biology (Cryo-EM and X-Ray crystallography) supported by artificial intelligence.

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