Client Statements

Philipp Richle

We used the services of 2bind several times, including MST, BLI and nanoDSF and were always happy with the excellent service and result quality. The communication with the 2bind team is very uncomplicated and professional. The time from initiating the analysis to the final result report is super quick. I truly recommendother companies to also take advantage of the know-how and services of 2bind.

Brian Hamman, Director of Biophysics

We began using 2bind for our MST needs back in 2017.  We are impressed with the rapid turnaround time and excellent service, as well the high quality data generated at 2bind.  I highly recommend this company for anyone in need of an orthogonal assay method for determining Kd values on a wide wide range of ligands and targets.

Chris Lepre, PhD, Biochemistry, Biophysics and Structural Biology

We’ve worked closely with 2bind to develop MST and nano-DSF assays for two projects. The assay development was well-planned, careful and methodical. Unlike some CROs that need to be coached, the highly experienced 2bind team worked independently and found creative solutions to run assays on several unstable and poorly behaved proteins. Progress reports were frequent, very clear and meticulously prepared. We eventually scaled up to run a weekly MST assay to support ongoing chemistry, with hundreds of compounds tested and results consistently returned in less than a week (even though we shipped compounds from the US to Germany). Their science and professionalism are impeccable – working with 2bind is like having expert biophysicists in the lab next door.

Mads Nøregaard-Madsen, Chief Innovation & Information Officer

Our company is constantly looking for innovations and improvements in drug discovery processes. MicroScale Thermophoresis represents a novel method, which has proven well suited for the characterization of protein-small compound interactions in solution. We have worked with 2bind on several projects and we are very satisfied with the low sample consumption and the fast turnaround time. The MST experts at 2bind were successfully setting up various binding assays, stoichiometry assays, and competition assays and helped us to drive our science. We are looking forward to a continued collaboration.

Dmitry Shishov

Gero is a biotech company focused on drug development. During several years we have had excellent experience working with 2bind on different R&D projects including small molecules, oligonucleotides and antibodies. 2bind has always provided us with the highest-quality services using modern sophisticated methods of binding studies with high reliability of the results. It is worth noting that these results can be used as a reference in case of inconclusive data from other labs. I am completely satisfied with our cooperation and Thomas has always helped us to understand features and pitfalls of the experiments. Quick responsiveness of 2bind’s team has helped us to accelerate projects.

Philippe Verwaerde, President and CSO

We have been working with 2bind for two years now with great success. We have enjoyed the quality of service coupled to a great flexibility. Results always come with a pertinent scientific advice. 2bind’s technology allowed us to quickly assess target validation with dozens of proteins and helped us advance quickly on the subject.

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