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The unfolded protein response modulators GSK2606414 and KIRA6 are potent KIT inhibitors. 

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Bactericidal/permeability-increasing protein is an enhancer of bacterial lipoprotein recognition.

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QTY code enables design of detergent-free chemokine receptors that retain ligand-binding activities.

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ALY RNA-Binding Proteins Are Required for Nucleocytosolic mRNA Transport and Modulate Plant Growth and Development

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The monoclonal S9.6 antibody exhibits highly variable binding affinities towards different R-loop sequences.

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Aptatope mapping of the binding site of a progesterone aptamer on the steroid ring structure.

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The Composition of the Arabidopsis RNA Polymerase II Transcript Elongation Complex Reveals the Interplay between Elongation and mRNA Processing Factors.

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The Arabidopsis THO/TREX component TEX1 functionally interacts with MOS11 and modulates mRNA export and alternative splicing events.

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Synonymous variants in HTRA1 implicated in AMD susceptibility impair its capacity to regulate TGF-β signaling.

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The NHL domain of BRAT is an RNA-binding domain that directly contacts the hunchback mRNA for regulation.

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Emerging company profile – 2bind GmbH.

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Microscale thermophoresis as a sensitive method to quantify protein: nucleic acid interactions in solution.
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