FORMOscreen Antibody Formulation Screen 1x stock


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The FORMOscreen® Antibody Formulation Screen was designed based on formulations of developed and approved therapeutic antibodies (by FDA and EMA). It can be used to determine optimum buffer conditions for antibody and protein stability, storage, and (pre)formulation. Suitable for use with any protein biochemical/biophysical assay.


  • 96 unique and ready-to-use buffers from FDA- and EMA-approved therapeutic antibodies.
  • Wide range of buffer substances, pH, salts, amino acids, sugars, and detergents.
  • Use from purification all the way through final formulation development.

The FORMOscreen® Antibody Formulation Screen 1x stock comes as 96 x 1 mL 1x buffer solutions in a deep-well plate.
Each stock is, for example, enough for 25-50 antibody unfolding experiments using nano-scale Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (nanoDSF).


Buffer screening made easy for your antibodies and proteins. The FORMOscreen® Antibody Formulation Screen provides 96 unique, pre-made, and ready-to-use buffers. All buffers were designed by antibody formulation experts and are already proven to be beneficial for stability and storage of therapeutic antibodies. Each buffer has also been approved by the FDA and/or EMA for use in antibody formulations.

Use the FORMOscreen® Antibody Formulation Screen for:

  • buffer screening and optimization
  • analysis of antibody folding, unfolding, and stability
  • analysis of protein folding, unfolding, and stability
  • pre-formulation development
  • regulatory approval of colloidal stability, thermal stability, freeze-thaw resistance, chemical stability, or long-term and forced degradation behavior

The 2bind FORMOscreen® Antibody Formulation Screen 1x stock comes with 96 buffers prepared as 1x ready-to-use solutions. Simply dilute your antibody or protein of interest into the 1x buffers.


Instruction Manual

Buffer composition (PDF)

Buffer composition (XLSX)

Storage conditions:
The FORMOScreen® Antibody Formulation Screen 1x stock is free of preservatives. Store at 4°C and use withing three months.

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